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Readers forum


Dear editor 


Thank you for awarding me this opportunity to express myself in your would be popular magazine. My greatest worry concerns the amount of knowledge and information concerning HIV/AIDS, gender and reproductive health. Believe me such information makes people wiser and helps them make informed decisions and choices, helping in reducing stereotypes-that means all forms of stereotypes which at the moment are strife on campus. I hereby call upon the relevant authorities through your magazine to take the necessary steps in ensuring such information is readily available and also takes into account the visually impaired students. You will be shocked on how well such information will be greatly appreciated and not only for campus residents but also for off campus where I would want to believe that much sexual matters take place. Thank you


I remain obliged

Kundai Mangwende GES 2.2


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Keep it up


I wish to thank the SRC president and his lieutenants for addressing the issue of food prices at the D.H. I do not know how some of us would have survived considering the ever increasing cost of living. To the SRC guys, please keep it up.



Well done


First of all, I would like to say hats off for the job well done in producing the magazine. It keeps us informed about the campus grapevine in the same vein we feel included in the day to day proceedings.


After a deep seated soul searching analysis of the contents of the magazine. I feel you should really consider having literature columns in which artists from different divides can meet the audience.I am strongly of the view that artist should have a forum to be interviewed. Such that they would market their projects and ideas to the audience. Secondly, I wish if you could offer columns for developmental articles.


All in all Mr Editor, never look back continue being the torch bearer by informing, teaching and educating the reader. Which I believe is the supreme mandate of the media. Gift Mwonzora (HDS 2.1)





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1) No mind.
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