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She won herself the title ‘Queen of Dancehall’ at one of the braai parties recently held at Batanai Complex. College buzz was however shocked to see her dressed decently entering the premises of  one the  local churches in Nehosho. Indeed the young lady has got her self a new title of the girl described by our local artists as the H-TOWN girl. What have you to say abut this young lady?


“What's all the fuss about this USA with a name that reminds one of the biblical woman that was bitter that her sister had anointed the lord’s feet with oil while she was busy cooking? I used to wonder until I finally got my  answer one cold lonely night when I went down to the gym for a gig to get down and drown my lonely U.B.A heart in the wise waters. It all started inside the gym when the young lady was having one too many of the new bird lager, got  intoxicated beyond redemption (akadhakwa mboko) and partook of her innocence (I doubt she was ever innocent in the last two years of her life )It got so out of hand and the events at the gym would leave Sharon Stone green with envy. Guess listening to Alishias weMaskiri’s-The Blue Movie, messed her brains up.


History does have a penchant of repeating itself. Does anyone remember Gringo the dreadlocked UBA that went and messed up the Runyararo USA’s pillow and sheets some time back. Word on CB has it that another dreadlocked UBA going for attachment came up with his own unique show. An eye witness has it that the UBA had gone for a wedding in Zvishavane, got drunk (airova 7 days) stole his cousins sneakers and comes back to G-town in a drunken stupor. He goes to a certain USA’s home in Nehosho and pukes all over the place. USA comes fuming to friends, friends take UBA home. UBA requests to use the loo and guess what the UBA comes back from the loo all soiled up and smelling worse than a dead skunk. If you happen to know anything about this young man don’t hesitate to holla


Heard this one coming from a bitter female politician whom the rumour mill is reliably informed boasts proudly of taking a sizeable number of UBA’s to bed.

“Ndinozviziva hangu kuti ndiri h@*$ but I don’t need to be reminded. Ndakambo h*r* nemunhu wemucamp menyu here?


College girl has finally proclaimed her foreign boyfriend as hers and hers alone. College buzz has spotted this young lady in her fashionable maternity wear. So ladies if you happen to have anything to do this her gentle man, game over! And to the young lady we bet the storm is over you can safely call him yours.


If you happen to have a cell phone and it happens to be a Nokia 3310 or 3410 stay alert for college buzz has heard that one guy who is currently on the run is a serious cell phone snatcher. Poor lad it seems as if he will keep on running until the end of the semester most probably he is not going to write his examinations. If you happen to know anything about this young man don’t hesitate to beep the buzzing bees for more information.