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Noxx Hijacks VAMP

Popular urban groover Enock Guni a.k.a. Nox is under fire from a disgruntled faction of Varsity Music Promotions (VAMP) for allegedly staging a coup d'état and declaring himself president.


VAMP is a music promotion label that assists students who are interested in music, Three years ago, Nox was a member of VAMP and he performed at their shows until he was spotted by fugitive producer Tony G of the now defunct Baseline Studio. He then went to Roy and Royce’s Twin Peaks before being snapped up by Chigutiro, where he is currently based.

Contacted for comment, Nox said the organisation had “died” during the time he was doing his work-related learning and was now trying to revive it as interim president.
“It’s not true that I am trying to hijack the organisation. I am a former member who is just concerned. When I went for attachment the organisation died and when I came back I decided to become interim president so that I could revive it. “Elections were held and people volunteered to take up posts,” said Nox.


The jury comprising N-1, Krystical,and  Ice-T  have accused Nox of being power hungry and abusing the organization for his personal gains at the expense of the common good of artists. “Nox declared that he is VAMP and without him the organisation would not survive. He went on to organise a show using the VAMP label,” said Ice T, referring to the Mid-Summer Party held in the gym where Nox shot a video and launched his second album Rhythm and Blues.

VAMP  has been in existence for four years and was a music and musicology students initiative. Tony G, Blenco (of the then Espionage) and Phoenix (of the then lighthouse studios) were instrumental in the formation of VAMP. The in fighting caught the attention of the Sunday news. When asked about the article that appeared in the Sunday News, Nox professed ignorance and rubbished it saying “it’s a bunch of bullshit”. What boggles the mind is how Nox could not have seen the article yet there was his comment in the newspaper.


VAMP’s very first auditions featured Iyanai (Bopela), Nox (Black Saturday), LAP (Jesus loves me) and Tri Squad (Hazvinzwaro) just to name but a few. The successful artist had trials with Tony G’s Baseline were Nox recorded Black Saturday. VAMP’s debut album was produced at Mabhururu studio’s, SHAPE ZIMBAWE TRUST chipped in and a choir was formed which put Nox in the lime light. VAMP later went on to work with lighthouse studios were the second album was produced featuring the likes of Carter (Tyoka), Gwen (Watora), Tafadzwa (Neyi) and Jessie (Ndochema).


On being contacted for comment Carter the president of VAMP last semester said “This guy (Noxx) must be out of his nuts to claim that VAMP  was dead during his absence, we finished work on a  compilation album MSU Story Volume II, which is going to be released very soon under Kingstons, what does he have to show for since he claims to be president.” 


Ice-T, Gwen, Tafadzwa, Beewise confirmed the existence of VAMP last semester. Tafadzwa and Beewise Recorded with Creations Studio under Cater’s presidency. “Why would anyone hate on a wanna be who has three or four clothes and is rumoured to sleep on the floor in Nehosho- I mean a celebrity for crying out loud’ said Carter.


N-1 who is alleged to be producing a track dissing Noxx said that ““ I do not have studio time to waste dissing a nobody in the game, what has he sold? What has he bought from his sales? Respect is earned son and I aint giving it to you because you are dead broke.” When asked for a comment on the source of the allegations leveled against him N-1 said it all started when he addressed an issue he had against him (Noxx) directly. “I ain’t got beef with him, if he takes it as beef then he is fantasying and trying to find ways to have a dialogue with me,” said N-1