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Christianity flourishes on campus


By Medlin Muchianga


The Midlands State University (MSU) campus has emerged to be a fertile ground for the flourishment of different Christian denominations that has helped in upgrading the students’ livelihood.


Almost all existing Christian sectors of Zimbabwe that comprise of traditional mother churches and the modern Pentecostal churches are fully represented by different churches that fall in each category. Over twelve Christian churches have dominated the religious circles at MSU. Most students received the large number of churches with pleasure and have taken this opportunity to uplift their spiritual lives.


This noble pluralism of Christian churches has been attributed by many university students as administrative policies. The university administration has contributed notably by granting each denomination a permanent venue for hosting their prayers and other gatherings despite the current shortage of venues. Highly recognized preachers like Rev Utawunashe, Pastor Chiweshe and Pastor Mugari have been granted a chance to stand before the university students and preach the “good news”. The Great Hall has been known venue that has always registered high-powered gospel performance every weekend as a further indication that the right of religion is being offered to the university students by the university authorities.


Students interviewed have applauded the pluralistic nature of the Christian churches at campus. Tafadzwa Musekiwa a female student has pointed out that the large number of churches has greatly contributed to the change in moral within most of her female colleagues. Indeed religion especially Christianity has been viewed as an agent that has over the years perpetrated the ideas of harmonious unification and livelihood by shaping mankind’s characters and morality.


Though no students have been denied freedom of worship it is sad however to note that here has not been the emergence of other religions like Islam, African Tradition, Rastafarian and others that hold notable fellowship in Zimbabwe. One male student, Herbert Mukaro who prefers to be called “Ras Herby” said the university’s authority was offering freedom of worship to all followers of all religions but he could not hide his disappointment in that the Rastafarian denomination had not taken advantage of the freedom to launch their own fellowship.


Since Christianity has the largest fellowship among other religions in Zimbabwe it has taken a major task of reforming the students and upgrading their moral characteristics in order to yield a good social harmonious living.