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Love Lines

By Dez Man


I often find  myself asking, What love is. Does love exist or is it a myth that everyone claims to have experienced or look forward to experiencing. Love is a complicated topic in which one canít really live with or without. Has there ever been a definition of love? I see love to be Lust or Vivid Emotion. Lust that whole misconception of nomatter how wrong a thing is it still feels right. Does the phrase ďbut I love him/her ďwhen nobody else seems to agree with oneís choices in relationships ring a bell. 


Maybe itís merely vivid emotion whereby that whole chemistry comes in, that burning feeling in your heart when you see an attractive lady passing by or that electric chill that runs down your spine ladies, when you notice a good looking dude looking at you .Honestly speaking I donít know,these are the times I  really need  help from you  the readers to shed some light onto the topic.

My question is simple and itís for real.ĒDoes love really exist?Ē Even for those who claim that they have found love and have been together for God knows how long ,is it really love or have you just found a mutual way of tolerating each other ? You tell me ! ! ! I say love doesnít exist , well maybe true love anyway .No one is perfect and we find different  loveable traits in different people, and we want to gather it all up just to make our miserable lives a bit  more bearable .If Iím wrong then why is there so much adultery in marriages? Why are the youths who claim to be in love the most suffering more from HIV/AIDS? I have held talks with several students at M.S.U and they claim that they have fallen in love; it is within this small University community that all sorts of diseases are striking the most. If love really does exist then S.T.Iís should actually be on the decrease and not the other way round If you have a better theory for me , my ears are firmly on the ground ,holla and Iíll hear you ! ! ! !  

Love is blind or should I say love is for stupid people .Otherwise one would not be quick to brush the advice of friend who knows you better, for a mere fling and belief that a relationship will work . I mean seriously guys , how on earth after being told your boyfriend is cheating on you , would  you go on to defend him so vigorously as if heís the only thing worth living for on earth .If love does not make you open your eyes to reality and to reason then I think love is worth it at all.


Then again thatís me ,what do I know ?Iím merely trying to be Dr. Love who is open to every possibility . Send me your views and comments to:

amutemachimwe@yahoo.com  and letís come up with a definition that works.