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By Lyton Ncube


The Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Honourable S.C.G Nyoni hailed Midlands State University for championing and pioneering the Entrepreneurships through Work Related Learning project, during its official launch yesterday, afternoon.


Entrepreneurship project was officially launched yesterday and the colourful event was graced by the presence of honorable delegates from the government, Acting Vice Chancellor professor R.J Zvobgo, Dean C Gwatidzo from the Social Science faculty, Dean Mbetu from the faculty of Commerce among others. The idea is a brain child of MSU director of WRL Mr S.D Gumbo


Since we are having a hyper inflationary economy, companies are shrinking some are downsizing while others are closing hence forth the generality of Zimbabweans and graduates in particular

are facing a mammoth task to find WRL places and employment when they leave college. To curb the problem, Director Gumbo challenged students not only to be job seekers but job creators as well by being innovative and creative.


Addressing people who gathered for the official launch of the Entrepreneurship project inside the Great Hall, minister Nyoni expressed gratitude on the launch of such a great event. “I am very impressed by this occasion pioneered by MSU but in particular I salute Mr Gumbo for initiating such a brilliant idea.,” remarked the minister


“Unemployment and underemployment is a growing global phenomena. Training for wages is becoming a thing of the past as industries are remaining stagnant some now prefer to use other technological methods instead of employing people. However, MSU you have turned problems into opportunities and this is a milestone achievement,” added honorable Nyoni.


The minister said her ministry is willing to assist students with capital for their entrepreneurs and any type of support they want. She also called the need for partnership so as to achieve one goal. “Corporate sectors and the academic fraternity need to unite and achieve one dream ,” she said. Minister Nyoni further pledged to see to it that MSU benefit from the government’s land redistribution programme.


In her concluding remarks ,honorable minister Nyoni reiterated the importance of WRL and urged students to take the course seriously. “WRL is very important in this country especially when young people embark on entrepreneurship. Despite problems in Zimbabwe, young people will stand up and turn challenges in to opportunities. I Challenge you students to think outside the course, be innovative and creative. Congratulations once again MSU for pioneering this project in the country,” ended the minister.